Project True Blue: Baseline Dyno and Track Testing

True Blue hits the dyno rollers and the drag strip for the first time!

Project Sleeper Status Makes its Return

We bring our W-body Regal GS back from the grave with a built bottom-end from ZZ Performance.

The Mule Gets Better Breathing and Exhaust Power

These next upgrades from Chevy Performance Parts are going to transform the way the engine handles air and dispels exhaust.


Car Feature: A ZZPerformance Built Camaro

This turbocharged beast was built by ZZPerformance, and sets the stage for 4-cylinder Camaros everywhere.

Car Feature: New Age LT1 Impala

A passionate Impala SS owner recruits the help of Three Pedals to build the ultimate B-body.

Car Feature: It Came from Down Under

photos by: the author Barry Kluczyk’s Australian-built Ford Falcon XR6 “ute” may be the only one in North America “What is that,” is the reaction from almost everyone who sees Barry Kluczyk’s Australian-built Ford Falcon ...


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