Buckeye Stangs Fifteenth Annual Summit Car Show

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The Buckeye Mustangs Gather Some of the Hottest Ponies in Northeast Ohio!

If you’re a Mustang enthusiast living in Ohio, then you know how tightly-knit the Blue Oval crowd is around there. Being filled with classic muscle cars and loads of late-model GM hardware, to be a Mustang owner can be considered something of an outcast.

However, all is not lost, as the various Mustang clubs in the state house some of the most knowledgable and passionate Blue Oval enthusiasts anywhere in the country. One club in particular, the Buckeye Stangs, host an event every summer spotlighting Ford’s pony car at Summit Racing Equipment.

Gathering what could be considered some of the most beautiful Mustangs in the area, the Buckeye Stangs Mustang Show packs in well over 500 cars, easy, spanning all years and generations. While each car was separated and judged per its class, it was great to see SN95s, S197s, S550s and Fox-Bodies all parked alongside each other, as well as plenty of first- and second-generation cars on hand.

Twenty-eighteen marked its fifteenth year for the show, with the event as large as ever and the crowds getting bigger with each gathering. There was plenty of entertainment at the show as well; with a DJ, food vendors and Summit Racing offering healthy discounts on various products in their store.

We’re already looking towards next year’s show, with Project True Blue attending. Until then, keep an eye out for the dates for 2019, here. See you next year!

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