VIDEO: Top Three S197 Panhard Bars Available from AmericanMuscle

AmericanMuscle picks the top three hottest Panhard bars for S197 Mustangs, and compares them side-by-side.

EFI Tuning: Calibrating for the Future

Direct-Injection, Forced Induction, Torque Modulation, and Variable Valve Timing are Here to Stay. SAM Tech Shares its Expertise on How to Conquer the New Frontier of EFI Tuning.

VIDEO: Demon Engine Time Lapse, Courtesy of Hagerty

Hagerty Classics perform a timelapse build on a Demon crate engine.


Car Feature: A Chevelle with a Different Approach

Nick Kistler's '69 Chevelle convertible takes the road less traveled.

Car Feature: A ZZPerformance Built Camaro

This turbocharged beast was built by ZZPerformance, and sets the stage for 4-cylinder Camaros everywhere.

Car Feature: New Age LT1 Impala

A passionate Impala SS owner recruits the help of Three Pedals to build the ultimate B-body.




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