VIDEO: Spoolfool Productions Announces TWO New Products for G-body Regal


If there’s one thing that can be said about the G-body era of Buick Regal, is that they don’t stop being relevant. From the time they were new, to today, they’ve always managed a cult-like following from car enthusiasts from every corner of the car community. Whether they were street racers, drag racers, low-riders, high-riders, or circle track racers, they all coveted the G-body Regal.

One subset of the drag racing community, are the Turbo Regal guys. Blessed with a low-production, collectible, and easily modified engine, they were (and still are to an extent) the darling of the American drag racer. They were so popular for so long, you’d think that every form of cosmetic and performance upgrade has been invented for them. If you think that, then you haven’t been paying attention to what Mike Barnard of Spoolfool Productions has been cranking out for over the last decade.

Having making a name for himself with the fiberglass bumper fillers for ’81-87 Regal (rear and front), Spoolfool keeps adding to his roster of parts. Most of which, can be found on his own website, or through several suppliers. His latest two products, include a hand-laid fiberglass replacement piece for the OEM intercooler scoop for ’86-87 Turbo Regals, and carbon fiber inner fenders for Regal and Cutlass.

We actually test-fitted a set of the latter on our own ’84 Hurst/Olds LS swap project car (more on that another time), but they are designed to offer a lighter, a cleaner-appearing alternative to the factory pieces.For you Turbo Buick owners, they allow fitment for larger diameter downpipes, and your factory air-conditioning.

The also look more modern, and and a custom aesthetic to your engine bay. As well as the OEM pieces function, they are pretty ugly. These aren’t.


Turning to the intercooler scoop, these look like stock replacements, at a quick glance, due to their similar shade of black and the exact dimensions. However, unlike the factory pieces, these won’t deteriorate or warp over time. If you own a ’86-87 Turbo Buick, you’re all too-familar with this. this is a perfect solution to those that want the basic look of the stock piece, but with a longer-lasting, and sturdier part.

Keep it locked in here for more updates from Spoolfool Productions in the coming months!


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