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Kirban Performance, known largely for its foray into the turbo Buick aftermarket and restoration business, has a way of offering unique and special interest items to their catalog.

Dennis Kirban, owner and founder of Kirban Performance, hails from the great state of Pennsylvania, and because of this, he understands the value of properly storing your classic car over the winter. That’s why he sells products like his latest creation, the Battery Butler. Check out the official release on this product below.

Official Release:

BATTERY BUTLER – 12-Volt Automatic Battery Storage Charger

This Battery Butler is the least expensive method to retain a full battery charge on any 12-volt system in a car or truck in storage. It’s compact, small enough that you could actually leave it under the hood when not in use in most applications.

It is designed for long-term use. You can leave it connected to a 12-volt battery indefinitely. This unit provides a safe, 1/2 amp regulated charge. It prevents the self-discharge of the battery while extending the life of rechargeable 12-volt batteries rated from 5 to 125 amp-hours.

Kirban Battery ButlerIt has a red light indicator that indicates power to the module and a green light indicator that indicates the battery is being charged properly.

The Battery Butler automatic battery storage charger is designed for the maintenance of wet or gel-cell batteries that are stored or used periodically in such vehicles as cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, motor homes, ATVs snowmobiles, farm equipment, etc. – anything that uses a 12-volt system.

Since this can be used on all vehicles, you might want to purchase more than one. We offer a special price when you order two (Part #7232)! When purchasing this part you may also want to consider Part #7506.

Another great item to use to maintain the battery while your car sits in the garage!

Specifications: Unit measures only 1-1/2″ square by 1″ deep, 12 volt DC, Input voltage 13.5 volts DC (only for use on 12 volt batteries), 1/2 amp.


  • Small and compact
  • Very affordable
  • Works for all vehicles

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