VIDEO: Spoolfool Productions Installs a Carbon Fiber Bumper and Aluminum

Our friend Mike Barnard of Spoolfool Productions has been cranking out aftermarket products for the G-body Regal, of his own design, for over ten years now. He started out with reproduction fiberglass bumper fillers, and has continued with things like turbo shield covers, 1- and 3-piece rear spoilers, intercooler scoops, radiator hold downs, and more.

Typically, we implement them into our own project vehicles, or announce his latest product in an official release. But this time, we get a look at one of his front carbon fiber bumpers getting installed on his own car, and pairing it to an aluminum bumper support.

You can use the factory steel bumper support, but if you’re looking to trim weight from your front end for the drag strip, then you might want to look into the aluminum bumper support. According to Mike, this combination is worth 100-lbs of of the curb weight of the car. This is just the front, remember, this can be implemented on the rear bumper, too. This will work for all ’81-87 Buick Regal coupes, by the way.


For reference, you can order the aluminum bumper support directly from GBodyParts HERE. You can order the carbon fiber bumper from Spoolfool directly, but depending on where you live, he suggests ordering from one of his dealers or through one of the Buick car clubs that may stock them, to save on shipping. If you have no luck locating them that way, you can order them through Spoolfool HERE: (front, rear).

Now, you can have a local body shop handle the task if you don’t feel comfortable tackling it. Or, you can watch the video above, and let Mike himself walk you through it. It takes some time, patience, and a few simple tools, but it’s pretty cut and dry.

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