VIDEO: Phastek Performance Installs a Gulfcoast Driveshaft Into a 5th-Gen Camaro

Phastek Performance is at the forefront of 5th- and 6th-gen Camaro style and performance upgrades. they have just about everything you need to bring your modern Camaro ahead of the pack. We’ve been following their in-house projects closely lately, including this 5th-gen SS that’s been the subject of several upgrades over the last several months.

This time around, Phastek has taken the car to the next level, with this aluminum driveshaft (also available in carbon fiber) from Gulfcoast Driveshaft. It replaces the factory two-piece driveshaft, with a lighter, stronger, and single-piece unit. The OEM driveshaft is fine for a stock vehicle, but it’s not always up to the challenge once more aggressive driving, racing, and go-fast parts are added to the mix. Once you get into “fully-built” engines, or boost, the stock driveshaft is on borrowed time. In addition, always the center carrier bearing that fails, regardless, even on a higher-milage stock vehicle. They’re almost guaranteed to fail around the 100k-mile mark.

Our friends at Phastek gives us a closer look, and an overview, of the Gulfcoast driveshaft, highlighting the benefits and features of the unit in the first video above. In the second video hosted below, they give us a step by step guide on how to remove the factory driveshaft, and how to install the Gulfcoast piece into the Camaro. Check it out!

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