WATCH: BMR Racing Installs a Potent Stroker Engine into Their Track-Focused Fox Body

The Fox Body Mustang has been something of a staple on the dragstrips and the streets of Smalltown USA since the early eighties. Small, lightweight, rear wheel drive and of course, and just large enough to swallow about any V8 imaginable. The aftermarket catered the car immensely, and even today, you can pretty much build a Fox Mustang from scratch using all aftermarket hardware.

These days, you see Fox Mustangs in just about every form of motorsport, and that includes road racing. From the big names like Roush and Saleen who helped kick the trend off, to dedicated, little-known grassroots racers looking to be competitive against their contemporaries in a particular class of racing.

Enter BMR Racing. Consisted by a team of guys lead by Bill Burger, it’s a group that makes one nostalgic about the old days of racing, where the car builder and driver were one and the same, with family and friends lending help and support.

Bill’s Mustang was holding its own for a while, with a 220hp 5-liter under the hood, but as the years wore on the edge got tired and more modern vehicles became more difficult. Tired of running at the back of the pack, Bill decided to get serious and step up the car’s game significantly. Teaming up with Engine Power and several others, BMR yanked out the original 5-liter for a stroked small-block Ford that packs 363 cubic-inches.

Based on a Dart block, it’s top-end consists of Trick Flow heads, as well as a Trick Flow intake. Fuel is supplied electrically, thanks to a Holley Sniper EFI system that’s adjusted via a  Fuelab regulator. An American Powertrain TKO 6-speed gearbox is relied upon for shifting duties, while the solid rear axle was ditched for a 2003 Cobra IRS that houses either 3.08 or 3.31 Yukon gears, depending on which track the car is at that day.

Since the car has been rebuilt for more power, the performance has been night and day. The team is looking for at least five seconds off of their lap time at Mid-Ohio, and you can learn more about the history of the team and this car, as well as a full list of modifications oil the Mustang, at Summit Racing‘s site, HERE.


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