Vintage Air Announces New Air-Conditioning System for GM G-body Platforms


Oh, yeah! The time has finally arrived for G-body owners all over the world to bring their car’s climate control into the 21st century. For over the last several years, many of us have had to deal with ailing or broken A/C systems for our beloved G-bodies — including your’s truly! The outdated and R12-based setup just isn’t cutting the mustard, anymore.

Although some owner have had better luck than others with their car’s A/C system, many, many more have either struggled to keep their cars cool in the summer with the old units, or given up entirely by not turning it on at all or removing it entirely. Some, never had it in the first place.

Lucky for us, Vintage Air has stepped up to the plate with their brand new, just announced A/C kits for not only the popular Monte Carlo, but now, the ’86-87 Buick Regal/GN, and the ’82-88 Olds Cutlass.

Official Release:


The award-winning Gen IV SureFit air-conditioning system adds modern climate control to the 1982-88 Oldsmobile Cutlass and 1986-87 Buick Grand National and Regal

San Antonio, Texas (Aug. 25, 2022) Vintage Air, the leading manufacturer of complete performance air-conditioning systems for classics, hot rods and street rods, has announced the release of its all-new Gen IV SureFit Kit air-conditioning system for the 1982–88 Oldsmobile Cutlass and the 1986–87 Buick Grand National and Regal. These systems are available as either a Complete Kit or an Evaporator Kit and are designed to install with minimal modifications to the original firewall.

The fifth-generation Oldsmobile Cutlass and the iconic Buick Grand National and Regal are now part of Vintage Air’s bolt-on climate-control SureFit product family, aligning these American classics with modern levels of comfort. The introduction of a purpose-built Gen IV SureFit air-conditioning system for the Cutlass, Grand National and Regal makes adding modern climate control to these classics an easy and straightforward process.

The Gen IV air-conditioning system is Vintage Air’s most powerful and intelligent climate-control system, employing an exclusive fully-electronic microprocessor control system that eliminates cables or vacuum connections. The separate high-capacity copper parallel-flow heat coils and aluminum plate-and-fin cooling coils provide outstanding performance and infinite “just right temperature” air blends, blower fan speed adjustments and high-volume dehumidified defrost. These SureFit kits also include a new bolt-in LED backlit control panel that maintains a factory appearance.

The new Gen IV SureFit climate-control systems for 1982–88 Oldsmobile Cutlass and the 1986–87 Buick Grand National and Regal are available as either a Complete Kit or an Evaporator Kit for those installations that do not require under-hood components. Complete Kits and Evaporator Kits are available for both factory A/C cars and non-A/C cars.

Vintage Air SureFit systems are proudly manufactured in the USA, include all parts necessary for installation and are backed by its standard warranty. For more information on the Vintage Air Gen IV SureFit kit for the 1982–88 Oldsmobile Cutlass and 1986–87 Buick Grand National and Regal or any other product, visit or call (800) 862-6658.


  • Improved Interior Cabin Cooling
  • Modern, 21st Century Components
  • R134 Ready
  • LED Backlit Control Panel
  • Direct-Fit Installation for ’86-87 G-body Regal Coupe and ’82-88 Cutlass Supreme Coupe
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