VIDEO: Florida High Performance Builds a 1000+ HP CTS-V(3)

In the last 25 years, the late-model GM performance scene has exploded into a monster that can’t be controlled. Whether it’s the long-running LSx series engines, boosted Ecotec 4-bangers or a Cadillac with a twin-turbo V6, there’s tons of late-model GM hot-rodding happening right now. Of course, if you’re sleeping on the GEN-V LT-based V8s of the last several years, you’re missing out — big time!

One of the darlings is the third-, and final-generation CTS-V. Infused with 640hp from the supercharged LT4 that was borrowed from the C7 Corvette Z06, the 2016-19 CTS-V is absolutely ripe for modifications. Intake and exhaust systems, upgraded superchargers and naturally, valvetrain components all can be modified or upgraded entirely thanks to the vast aftermarket for this engine platform. Of course, it can’t be done (correctly) without proper technicians doing so. One of those shops is Florida High Performance, based in Boca Raton. They’ve been cranking to some awesome LS and LT builds for quite some time, and their latest is the CTS-V on this page. With the end goal being 1000-1100 horsepower to the rear tires, they’re going to need to select their hardware carefully.

The foundation is the fresh 427 cubic-inch aluminum block that’s getting nestled between the fenders for less weight over iron and better cooling. Forged Wiseco pistons, Darton sleeves, a forged Callies crank and Billet connecting rods — all assembled by Texas Speed consist of the bottom end. A Cam Motion camshaft is going to give it that sound, that chop and that power delivery that’s needed. Katech threw their hat into the ring with a timing cover and a high-flowing 103mm throttle body, while a set of custom valve covers will cover the rockers on top of the heads.

With the V going E85, a complete Fore Innovations fuel system will be utilized and should be 1200hp capable — more than what the owner of the Cadillac needs. And the party piece? That would be a 2650 Roots-type blower from Kong Performance, which was modified by Edelbrock for increased efficiency and power. Now this will be a multi-chapter video series, so while we don’t see the end result in this particular video, we will see further developments from Florida High Performance’s YouTube channel, right here at GMEFI Magazine.

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