VIDEO: 8.8-Second 2004 WRX At TX2K19

In search of a package that they could offer their customers, Dirty Racing Products, a shop out of Green Cove Springs, Florida, took a 2004 WRX 2.0L that they have used for product development for everything from drifting to road racing and turned it into an all out drag car. Although they thew the works at the car, nothing really exotic went into the build and every part can easily be bought independently or as a package. Rick Wilson with DRP was at the track when the WRX put down some impressive numbers and gave an extensive explanation of the build in an interview. 

Powering the 2004 WRX is a 2.5L EJ20 257 engine with IAG closed case halves featuring a Manley rotating assembly. Dave Localio with Headgames Motorworks provided the ported heads with a Ferrea valvetrain and GSC Stage 3 cams. The powerhouse was built in house by DRP as was the custom turbo kit utilizing a Precision 7275 turbo. An Aeromotive brushless 5.0 gear pump, a fuel cell, and Injector Dynamics 2000 injectors delivers and ample supply of Ignite E85 ethanol fuel to the engine for an incredible 1,100 HP. 

All this power runs through a stock STi 6-speed transmission with a Competition Clutch triple-disc clutch. A DSS carbon fiber driveshaft transfers the power to the stock rear differential that features DSS axles. TSS Fab supplied the car with front and rear chromoly subframes and Torque Solutions provided all of the mounts.

Utilizing the stock ECU Junior Barrios with Cobb tuned the car on the dyno and at the strip. The WRX began as a solid 12-second car and by the end of the day the ETs were whittled down to an astonishing 8.8 seconds running on 55-lbs. of boost. Don’t take our word for though, watch this car scream down the track at the TX2K19 event for yourself. 

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