Video: Restored 6-Pack 1970 AAR Plymouth ‘Cuda is a Muscle Car Dream

The Holley Moparty is a celebration of everything Mopar. For those that don’t have the opportunity to go see some of the best Dodge, Chrysler, or Plymouth vehicles in person Holley occasionally picks out some of the most interesting cars and drivers to interview and highlight. This video is a walk around and explanation of one of the most intriguing Mopar vehicles ever produced- the 1970 AAR Plymouth ‘Cuda.

Wanting to enter in the SCCAs Trans-Am Racing Series, Mopar made 2,724 1970 AAR Plymouth ‘Cudas. They were all fitted with a unique 340-cid six pack small block engine backed by a 4-speed manual or a TorqueFlight automatic transmission, and all featured a matte black pin down hood with a matching strobe stripe kit with AAR graphics. Plymouth made absolutely sure there was no mistaking an All-American Racing ‘Cuda for any other.

For those that studied the Trans-Am Series rule book and found that one of the main requirements is a 5.0-liter engine size limitation with a single 4-barrel carb and are wondering how the 340-cid Six-Pack made it through, the homogenization rules were somewhat loosened just a bit. The 340 could be and was destroked to a 303-cubic inches and the 3 double-barrel carbs were replaced with a single 4-barrel carb for the race track.

Moparty attendee, Chet Biggers, first saw an AAR ‘Cuda at a car show when he was 14- or 15-years old. Though he knew right then that he had to have one, he didn’t get his chance until 2013. He got lucky by finding one that had only had 2 prior owners and was mostly still intact. That’s not to say that it wasn’t in need of restoration though. In all, it took Biggers about 5 years to complete the restoration that he did almost completely by himself. He credits his father for having taught him how to work on cars and for helping with the flawless paint job.

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