Watch In Nostalgia As This 1990s Ford Mustang Commercial Reminds Us Of Simpler Times

Certain cars naturally garner the attention of everyone around and it used to be common to see people that otherwise have nothing in common sharing a friendly conversation about one at the gas pump. While this scenario may not happen so much anymore due to these divisive times, old car commercials such as the ones that Ford put out in the 90’s to kickstart sales of the SN95 Mustang certainly can take you back to a time the car scene seemed to be more unifying.

Despite its aggressive race oriented models, it has never been sold to the public as only for the high performance minded driver. Instead, Ford has always marketed its pony car as a car for everyone. Keeping with that theme, this classic commercial portrays neighbors, Tim and Ed, that have opposing personalities being brought together over their love for their respective generations Ford Mustang. Like many of the Ford commercials of the 90’s, this commercial is narrated by actor John Corbett who expresses the idea “just think if everyone owned a Mustang” right before a collage of contrasting personalities bonding over the then new Mustang to the soundtrack of Jackie DeShannon’s hit “Put a little love in your heart.”

As the late 90’s Mustang featured in this commercial moves into the classic territory that the Boss 302 had called home at the time this commercial aired, it makes you wonder if this marketing technique could work with the 2020 Mustang as well, or is the idea of two very different people bonding over a car outdated? With tensions on the rise over current events, it may seem that mass cynicism has taken the forefront hostage and it is possible that the automotive world may never be as unifying as it once was. Although, history does have a way of repeating itself and time will only tell.

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