FiTech Now Offering Modern Fuel-Injection Kit for TPI-Equipped GM Vehicles


It might sound odd to some, but those TPI F-bodies and Corvettes are between 30- and nearly 40 -years old! It doesn’t seem that long ago that the fuel-injection system in those cars were considered to be “high-tech,” and were commonly swapped onto other small-blocked equipped vehicles.

Much like the LS swap movement today, it was commonplace to see a TPI setup under the hood of older trucks, hot rods and earlier muscle cars at the drag satin and cruise-ins back in the ’80s, ’90s and even into the 2000s. Every now and then, you might see one today. However, as great as those systems were for the era, technology has certainly surpassed the efficiency of those systems and there are new ways of accomplishing performance and drivability goals in 2022.

FiTech has announced their new Retro-Fit SBC TPI Standalone EFI System for these engines, and all of the details are below.

Official Release:

Bring Your GM TPI Engine into the 21st Century with a FiTech Ultimate Retro-Fit  SBC TPI Standalone EFI System

Have a GM Tuned Port Injection (TPI) 305 or 350 just itching for a home in a street rod or truck? FiTech has the swap covered with its Ultimate Retro-Fit SBC TPI Standalone EFI Systems. The system is based on FiTech’s proven, self-learning ECU with Speed Density EFI and wideband air-fuel ratio control to improve the performance, tunability, and drivability of your engine. Just hook up some wires and bring your TPI mill into the 21st century.

The FiTech ECU is compact, easy to mount, and connects to the engine with the included wiring harness terminated with OEM style connectors for the TPS, IAC, CTS, knock sensor, injectors, and a small cap computer-controlled distributor. The system is easy to set up and monitor through the supplied color touchscreen handheld controller.


    • 3-Bar MAP sensor supports up to 25 PSI of boost, no MAF needed
    • Available with single or dual wideband oxygen sensors
    • Available with torque converter lockup control for 200-4R/700-R4 or full control of 4L60/80E transmissions–no more TV cable adjustments


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