RHS Pro Elite LS3 Cylinder Heads: Big Airflow for Your LS Engine

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RHS Pro Elite LS3 Cylinder Heads: Big Airflow for Your LS Engine

RHS Pro Elite LS3 Cylinder Heads sure do flow a lot of air—372 peak CFM on the intake side at .700 inches of valve lift and 243 peak CFM on the exhaust side at .800 inches of valve lift.

The Pro Elite LS3 heads have a six-bolt head design to provide more clamping force, which prevents head gaskets from popping on high-compression and boosted engines. It also makes the heads compatible with RHS LS Race and Chevrolet Performance LSX blocks. If you have an OEM 4-bolt block, you can still use the Pro Elite LS3 heads by simply leaving the bolt holes for the center cylinders unused.

Like all RHS cylinder heads, the Pro Elite LS3s are cast with the patented Clean Cast Technology process that eliminates casting flaws and promotes a smoother internal surface finish for greater air and coolant flow.


• CNC-machined 263cc intake and 103cc exhaust runners

• CNC-machined 68cc combustion chambers with 45° valve job

• Dual valve spring assemblies to handle higher lift cams and increase engine RPM

  Choice of 2.165″ stainless steel or titanium intake valves and 1.600″ Inconel exhaust valves for heads with 1.565″diameter/.700″ lift valve springs

• Stainless steel 2.165″/1.600″ valves for heads with 1.319″diameter/.660″ lift valve springs

• Bronze valve guides and iron/copper valve seats

• Fully assembled heads include valves and valve springs, seals, locks, and retainers

• Bare heads also available


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