VIDEO: 6th-Gen Camaro Caught Testing at Nurburgring

There’s no denying that the 5th-Gen Camaro is a hugely popular car, having dominated the pony car market in sales since its release at the end of 2009. As the car evolved over that time, and more powerful versions were released such as the ZL1 and Z/28, enthusiasts can only wonder where its replacement, the 6th-Gen, will take us.

While the car isn’t ready for an official unveiling just yet, spy shots have been popping up all over the internet cluing us in. Based on the images we’ve seen and the rumors we’ve heard, the body will be smaller (and probably lighter) than the current car, although much of its styling characteristics will carry over to the new generation Camaro. It’s also said that it will share a platform with the current ATS or CTS platform – further solidifying the rumors of a lighter vehicle over its Zeta architecture.2016-chevrolet-camaro-prototype-front-three-quarter

Although nothing is certain just yet, we’re confident that the generation-six Camaro (current SS equivalent) will be powered by the Stingray’s 455 hp LT1. Just today, while cruising past the Lingenfelter Performance Engineering Facebook page, we caught a glimpse of the 6th-Gen Camaro undergoing development testing at Germany’s Nurburgring, courtesy of No numbers have been released regarding the car’s track time, either. We won’t expect those anytime soon, considering the car is still in testing. We can only anticipate the car’s unveiling at the 2015 NAIAS.

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Rick Seitz

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