VIDEO: A Quick Look at JTK Motorsports Fire Extinguisher Brackets

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A Quick Overview of JTK Motorsports Product Offerings

When it comes to building that dream machine, be it a show car, drag racer or full-blown corner carver destined for The Glen, often, one of the last things enthusiasts typically overlook is fire safety. Sure, your auto insurance is a great thing to have, but what good is a check when your pride and joy has already been burnt to a crisp? Sometimes, a fire department may not be a as readily available as you’d like, and frankly, fires can happen even when you’re simply wrenching under the hood of your car on a Saturday afternoon.

Recently, we partnered up with JTK Motorsports to discuss fire safety options, and what it means to protect your investment. Namely, your car. In the coming weeks we’ll take a more personal and hands-on approach to fire safety on our own Mustang project, and take a closer look at how our friends at JTK Motorsports go about addressing this issue. For now, we’ll settle for looking through their current product lines of fire extinguisher brackets.

What Are They, and Why Are They Needed?

It’s one thing to have an extinguisher in your car, but some people struggle with even finding a good mounting location. Jason had the same issue himself, until he took matters into his own hands, and designed his very first product. A bolt-in fire extinguisher bracket that mounts just behind the seat of your Fox-Body Mustang. Using his own ’86 SVO as the guinea pig, Jason was able to fabricate and replicate hundreds of fire extinguisher brackets for all Fox Body Mustangs.

With no cutting, welding or drilling required, the extinguisher mounts simply mount into your existing driver’s seat rear mounting locations, removing the bolts that hold the seat in place, and implementing the bracket when you go to remount the seat. All that is required is a simple socket and a drill, or if you’re old school, a ratchet and an extension.

They brackets are designed to hold fire extinguisher bottles from 1-2.5 lbs., and feature a pair of quick release latches for when you need to remove it in a hurry. Also another neat feature about them, is that they slide up and down with the seat, so you can adjust your seat to your body type or comfort, just as you always have!

So They’re Only for Fox-Body Owners, or…?

Since the company’s launch, Jason has also added several new brackets for other late-model Fords. This includes ’94-98 SN95 Mustangs, S197 Mustangs, 1st-gen Lightnings, and ’83-88 Fox Thunderbirds. As we type this, he’s also working on mounting brackets for ’99-04 New Edge Mustangs, S550 Mustangs and a few others.

Mr. Franklin also prides himself on manufacturing every one of these in-house, right here in the USA! Keep it locked here, as we’ll be bringing updates on JTK’s future offerings, as well utilizing one of these brackets in Project True Blue.

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