VIDEO: Holley Announces Lowering Spring Set for 2018-2021 Tesla Model S

With EVs being all of the rage right now (among some people), new owners of these cars are trying to do what they can to take their to the next level, outside of the obvious lack of modifications that they’re used to. One of the first things that comes to mind is the suspension; things like the springs, shocks/struts and sway bars. Despite these cars being [relatively] new, the aftermarket has been rushing to the aid of Tesla owners to quell their needs and desires.


Enter our friends at Holley; long-regarded as the go-to for performance products for our petrol-powered vehicles for several decades, they’ve recently branched out to EV owners. Among them, are lowering springs at now only close the wheel arch gap on your EV, but also improves handling capabilities. Check out the details from Holley/Rekudo below.

Official Release:


2018-2021 Tesla Model 3 AWD (All-Wheel Drive & All-Wheel Drive Performance) – Set of 4 Lowering Springs (both Front & Rear) w/ Black Epoxy Finish

Add an aggressive stance and appearance to the 2018-2021 Tesla AWD Model 3. This spring set lowers the vehicle approximately 1″ on both the front and rear, for a lower center of gravity, and improved handing. The progressive spring design provides superior handling, and improved ride quality. These springs have been tested to work with the factory struts.


  • Lowering Springs for Tesla Model 3 – Fits 2018-2021 AWD (All-Wheel Drive and All-Wheel Drive Performance)
  • High Performance Handling & Reduces/Closes Unsightly Wheel Opening Gap
  • Lowered Center of Gravity – for Better Handling
  • Progressive Spring Design – Slightly Firmer Ride vs. OE – but Good Compromise / Sporty Feel
  • Approximately 1” Lower Ride Height – Closing Up the Fender Gap on Both Front & Rear of Vehicle
  • Complete Set of 4 Coil Springs for Front and Rear of Vehicle
  • Ideal for Use w/ Tesla Factory Struts
  • Black Epoxy Finish – Durable & Looks Great
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