Video: Steeda Sponsored S550 is One Of The Fastest Mustang GTs In Road Racing Most car people fantasized about having their own race car someday when they were younger; whether it’s a Miata or a muscle car, we just want one thing for our track cars to go fast. Steeda customer Taylor Albright took those dreams and turned them into reality after buying his first track car, a Miata, learning the sport inside and out, and finally progressing to a far more adequate racing vehicle. That car was a 2018 Ford Mustang GT, explicitly designed to beat other pony cars on the road racing track. Though he was skeptical of the Mustang’s performance, he got tired of being beat by these American sports cars and finally bought one. After testing the vehicle on the track without any modification, Taylor was sure this was the right car, so the racing driver immediately began modifying his car. At first, it was some simple suspension work that eventually evolved, as it always does, into a complete build. Supporting the ride quality and safety of this Mustang is the full roll bar, which stiffens the vehicle. The most effective handling modifications include a set of Pro-Action shocks, upgraded k-member, sway bars, and a “stop the hop” kit. Improving the handling was a primary goal for this enthusiastic driver as it allows the Mustang to play to its strengths. However, that certainly isn’t where the fun stops.  Taylor also threw in a few engine performance upgrades, such as an E85 tune, along with those suspension mods.

Of course, it helps that this Mustang came with the GT performance pack, allowing the fiery V8 to roar out of a Magnaflow cat-back exhaust. Eventually, it was found that the driver had put the updated camber plates upside down which constricted the alignment severely. After learning the oversight, the car was straightened out and received one extra degree of camber, increasing its cornering ability further. Essentially, this guy wanted a powerful pony car that could easily take tight corners and barrel through straits, and that’s precisely what he got. If you want the chance to see this car in action, the racer will be at Sebring in June to take home yet another win.


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