2018-2019 Mustang – 315HP Bolt-On System Up to 1000HP TunerKits On a STOCK Coyote Motor!

There’s no getting around the fact that the GEN-III Coyote in today’s S550 Mustang is no joke. In fact, you can go as far as saying that’s it’s a powerhouse, looking to do some serious carnage against all would-be competitors. The sheer performance from these cars out of the box is astonishing, and with little effort, they can be taken to unfathomable levels.

Once you strap on a ProCharger, however, it’s a whole new ballgame!

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We all want big power cars and trucks to get our blood pumping.  Bolting 300+ hp onto on otherwise stock 2019-15 Mustang GT, running 93 octane pump gas, definitely gets that blood pumping!  Then once big power is made, many want to take it to the next level and crack that magic 1,000 hp number.  Now being able to do it without breaking a sweat or the bank…that’s just icing on the cake. This blog is going to cover just what went into the simple recipe for creating a 1,000 hp ProCharged Mustang ready to destroy the race track.


Now what we mean by “bolt-on” is pretty straight forward.  We mean there was NO fabrication done to this car to make this huge power number.  Every part added to this car you can order all online, and install them in your garage.  No crazy downtime, no trips back and forth to the hardware store…simply shop, ship, supercharge!  Want to know what went into making 901 rwhp (1,018 crank HP at 13% drivetrain loss) on this 2019 Mustang? Let’s take a look at the recipe that created this monster.

First let’s get some air into this Coyote: 
ProCharger Stage 2 Tuner Kit with P-1X head unit
3.40″ Blower pulley.

Then we need to add some fuel to feed it:
Fore Innovations Fuel System
Deatschwerks 95lb fuel injectors
Ignite Racing Fuels E85 in the tank

Exhaust all of the fumes the easy way:
Stainless Works Headers
MBRP exhaust system

Finally, some supporting mods to help her HOOK!
UPR Suspension parts
Weld Racing wheels

So there you have it, the engine remains 100% stock other than a set of billet oil pump gears that were previously installed by DDR Concepts (along with the fuel system, and suspension).  Engine ECU tuning duties were handled by Lund Racing. They made sure to keep the fuel and spark in check, as the thirsty Coyote engine ingested loads of ProCharger supercharged boost and Ignite ethanol.

Please enjoy the photos below of the supercharger installation and dyno video of the 901rwhp pull!

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