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AutoCentric Media: More Than Just an Umbrella

Wow, we finally did it. After nearly four years of being online, AutoCentric Media has morphed into not only the parent company to three titles that you’re already familiar with, but it’s now its own individual content base. When yours truly started the company in the Fall of 2014, it merely acted as the umbrella corporation for GMEFI Magazine, and later, Timeless Muscle Magazine and Blue Oval Muscle.

Being a solid player in the late-model GM, Ford and classic muscle car publishing segments, we came to the realization that most of our staff has love for all types of vehicles; including gas trucks, diesels, Jeeps, lowriders, classic lead sleds, imports, exotics — you name it. It’s a space we always wanted to play in and discuss, but felt that we would be better off focusing on what we were most passionate about first. It worked, and it’s paid off… but with all kinds of great things happening all over the industry right now, it would be foolish to ignore it.

We also wanted a place where we could simply host all of our content, past, present and going forward. It only made the most sense to host it all right here, on the company’s main page for all to enjoy, no matter your automotive interests. Personally, I’m just as nerdy about DeLoreans and old-school Cadillacs, as I am passionate about late-model GM performance vehicles. Much of our staff is the same way, and we felt this will be a great opportunity to keep our creative juices flowing.

Now our original three titles aren’t going away, in fact, quite the opposite. GMEFI, Blue Oval Muscle and Timeless Muscle are all doing quite well and we’ll continue to cover what’s hot, new, and trending in all three of those magazines. They’ll remain a great place to continue viewing their respective type of content, with AutoCentricMedia.com acting as an all-encompassing hub for everything we do moving forward.

In addition, we’ll be using this site as a way to expand, and publish, content that we couldn’t before; tech on diesel and Porsche engines, features on Lamborghini Miuras, digging deep into HEMI Hellcat tuning, host various shop tours and cover events that we otherwise wouldn’t previously. It’s the perfect way to finally shore up everything “car,” and take our status to the next level. Also, this will be the only place that you’ll be able to purchase apparel, have a virtual meeting with our content creators and learn about everything we’re working on in the shop.

If you love anything and everything having to do with the automobile, this us your place!

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Rick Seitz

Rick Seitz is the owner and founder of AutoCentric Media, and has a true love and passion for all vehicles; GM, Ford, Dodge, imports, trucks -- you name it! When he isn't clacking away on his keyboard, he's building, tuning, driving or testing his current crop of personal projects!

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