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McQueen Racing – Steeda Performance Vehicles Unveil New Collaboration

McQueen Racing and Steeda Performance Vehicles are delighted to announce an exciting new phase in their ongoing partnership. They are introducing a captivating lineup of limited-edition, high-performance vehicles under the McQueen Racing brand. This collaboration builds upon their successful association, highlighted by the iconic Steve McQueen Bullitt Mustang.

Chad McQueen, founder and CEO of McQueen Racing, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Our relationship with Steeda has been remarkable over the years. This new series of performance cars represents a significant advancement. We’re starting with the Mustang, and I can assure you it will be nothing short of exceptional. I’m incredibly thrilled.”

The joint venture between McQueen Racing and Steeda Performance Vehicles aims to deliver the utmost quality performance vehicles in the automotive industry. The Limited-Edition Series, beginning with the 2024 Mustang, will provide race enthusiasts with an unparalleled driving experience and unique equipment upgrades all at competitive prices. These vehicles will combine cutting-edge engineering and superior craftsmanship from both McQueen Racing and Steeda ensuring unmatched performance and handling.

Bob Adams, President of Steeda Performance Vehicles, emphasized their shared passion for speed, particularly with Mustangs, stating, “Fast cars are in our DNA. We, both Chad and the McQueen Racing Team, along with everyone at Steeda, live and breathe performance. This new project has been long in the making and will be monumental. Mustang enthusiasts should be excited because the best is about to get even better. Moreover, this is just the beginning, as our product plans encompass other highly desirable, high-performance vehicle models.”

Each McQueen Racing Mustang will feature Steeda’s state-of-the-art suspension, brake, and powertrain systems, benefitting from the collective racing knowledge of the entire Steeda Team and Chad McQueen. These vehicles will incorporate the latest performance technology, leveraging the extensive racing experience and the design/engineering expertise of both entities.

Furthermore, the vehicles will boast distinctive exterior styling and interior refinements, providing a wide range of customization options for drivers. With suspension modifications and the unique McQueen Racing Mulholland wheels paired with Nitto Performance Tires, all McQueen Racing Mustangs will showcase an aggressive stance and attitude. Both supercharged and naturally aspirated versions will be available.

Special Note to Owners of 2019/2020 Black Bullitt Mustangs

McQueen Racing acknowledges the feedback from owners of black Bullitt Mustangs who were previously unable to modify their vehicles under the Steve McQueen Bullitt Edition Program. As part of this new program, owners of those vehicles will now have the exclusive opportunity to enhance their cars and join the official McQueen Racing Team.

Timing, Pricing and Warranty

McQueen Racing Mustangs will be exclusively sold through McQueen Racing and Steeda Performance Vehicles locations worldwide. The first custom-built Mustangs are scheduled to arrive later this summer, with forthcoming announcements revealing images, specifications, and pricing details. Both companies are renowned for providing exceptional value, and their new offerings will continue this tradition, offering top-of-the-line performance at competitive prices. Moreover, McQueen Racing Mustangs will come with a 3-year/36,000-mile limited warranty, ensuring customer satisfaction. All Steeda-manufactured performance parts adhere to strict ISO 9001:2008 Compliant Standards.

Our Goal

The ultimate goal of McQueen Racing, Steeda, and Nitto Tire is to offer vehicles that excel both on the track and on the street, providing comfort and performance in equal measure. Whether for weekend track days, club racing, or spirited drives along mountain canyons, the McQueen Racing Mustang is designed to fulfill the desires of automotive enthusiasts.

About Chad McQueen and McQueen Racing: Continuing a Legendary Legacy

Chad McQueen, the son of the iconic actor Steve McQueen, carries forward his father’s remarkable racing heritage with a fervent dedication to automobiles, motorcycles, and the world of racing. A renowned racer and automotive enthusiast in his own right, Chad has made a name for himself while heading McQueen Racing.

At the heart of McQueen Racing’s success lies Chad’s profound expertise, garnered through his illustrious professional racing career and personal experiences. He spearheads the development of cutting-edge custom cars, motorcycles, and performance parts under the esteemed McQueen Racing brand. Collaborating alongside Chad, the dynamic team consists of Madi McQueen as the Creative Director and Chase McQueen overseeing the Day-to-Day Operations.

Madi McQueen, as the visionary Creative Director, infuses her innovative perspective and artistic sensibilities into every aspect of McQueen Racing’s creations. Her unique vision ensures that each vehicle and product from McQueen Racing embodies a harmonious blend of impeccable aesthetics and top-tier performance.

Overseeing the smooth functioning of McQueen Racing’s operations, Chase McQueen brings his keen business acumen and strategic thinking to the forefront. With meticulous attention to detail, Chase ensures efficiency and excellence in every facet of the business, contributing to the brand’s resounding success.

Together, the exceptional team at McQueen Racing strives to uphold the McQueen legacy and encapsulate the essence of the McQueen DNA in their extraordinary lineup of vehicles and products. By combining exhilarating driving experiences with unparalleled craftsmanship, McQueen Racing consistently delights automotive enthusiasts while honoring the unmatched heritage associated with the McQueen name.

For more information and to explore their captivating offerings, visit the official McQueen Racing website at You can also connect with them on various social media platforms:

    • Twitter: @McQRacing

    • Facebook: McQueen Racing

    • Instagram: officialchadmcqueen, ChaseMcQueen, MadiMcQueen

About Steeda
Established in 1988, Steeda Autosports and Steeda Performance Vehicles bring over 35 years of racing history, product innovation, and automotive refinement to the market. With a strong commitment to performance, Steeda specializes in engineering and manufacturing parts for Ford vehicles. As the largest privately-owned Ford performance-based operation globally, Steeda’s performance vehicles and parts consistently exceed expectations, delivering exceptional levels of performance, handling, and excitement.

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