VIDEO: A Deep Dive Into a C7Z Built by Florida High Performance

The Z06 is the long-running, truck-focused but street-going warrior that has etched its name forever into Corvette’s history. Having evolved over the years with increased tech, aero, and horsepower, the mission has always been the same; offer Corvette buyers a model that will go toe-to-toe against the precision instruments from across the and the; namely, the Porches, Audis, Ferraris and Lamborghinis of the exotic world.

This particular example is a C7, the last of the front engine, rear wheel drive Vettes and is a fine specimen of the breed. Already potent and capable with 650hp at the flywheel, from the factory, its owner wanted to capitalize on its potential  with some aftermarket help.

Having already taken his car to a shop with some results, the overall experience left its owner, Carlo, sort of seeking more from another source. He turned to Erik at Floria High Performance, and we covered his story in a previous installment. This time, we hear from Erik, as he breaks down the hardware that found its way under the hood, under the car, and sprinkled all over the body of this fabulous Corvette Z06.

Erik installed one of his head/cam packages, a heat exchanger modification, transmission tuning with HP Tuners, Halltech intake, Katech 103mm throttle body, a Jokerz Performance ported blower, 2.35 Griptech upper pulley, aftermarket long-tub headers and off-road X-pipe, upgraded brakes, tons of carbon fiber everywhere, and more! How much power did it make? Can’t tell you. You’ll have to watch the video to find out!


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