VIDEO: Aldan American Installs a Coil-Over Kit into a C6 Corvette


The C5 and C6 Corvettes are some of the best bargains on the market right now. Lightweight, fast, great engine, huge aftermarket, excellent body lines, and so on. They are currently at the age where they’re just considered older sports car. Not classics, not the latest things on the market, but great a bargain that will give you impressive performance, without the huge car payment.

This makes them the perfect fodder for those who wants something relatively modern, but affordable and fast. As already mentioned, one of the key components to Corvette ownership is incredible handling, but as with anything, there’s always room for improvement. Plus, modern Corvette owners tend to dig into the engine, upgrade the suspension, and improve the overall performance.

But it’s not just a simple half-hearted attempt to upgrade with “better” springs or shocks; they want full-adjustability, and the opportunity to lower their vehicles. Our friends at Aldan American understand this, and have expanded their product line to include C4+ Corvettes.

IN this particular case, we see a C6 Corvette Z06 that’s currently owned by Technical Sales rep, Billy Mieczkowski, of McLeod Racing. With a LS7 under the hood, and a 6-speed manual behind it, it only makes sense to make this track-focused street car even better.

Gary from Aldan American walk us through the product overview, and the installation of the front and rear coil-overs that are being installed into Billy’s ‘Vette in the video below. Check it out!

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