VIDEO: AmericanMuscle Installs 2.9L Whipple on a 2008 Shelby GT500

With the 2020 GT500 just around the corner, and about to hit showrooms, there’s no glossing over the fact owners of the S197 example will be at a disadvantage in the power department. With new technically and innovation, comes more power and increased efficiency.

However, thanks to today’s aftermarket and technical advances in supercharging, your aging S197 will be able to hang with a new S550 version a whole lot easier! Cranking out a respectable 500hp to the crank back when it was new, time and technology have caught up to the old girl, and AmericanMuscle is looking towards bringing the Shelby up to speed.

The car had already received a few small mods previously, like a JLT cold-air intake, a smaller blower pulley, a 2.1L Whipple supercharger, CORSA exhaust and Kooks headers. Enough to give it increased power and a better soundtrack, but still not quite up to the challenge at hand.

Recently, our friends over at AmericanMuscle had decided to get their hands on one, to see just what kind of power that could be had, with just bolt-ons, with today’s aftermarket. They started by removing the current 2.1L blower installed on a 2008 GT500, to a 2.9L Whipple supercharger.

With the increased efficiency and displacement, as well as a 4-psi. bump in boost over the 2.1L kit, the car received a healthy increase in horsepower. Add in larger DeatscheWerks fuel injectors, increased cooling capacity from a VMP Performance heat exchanger, a larger-bore JLT intake kit, and a Lund Racing programmed SCT tuner, and the results speak for themselves. We’ll let Justin from AmericanMuscle go into further detail in the video above!

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