VIDEO: ProCharger Helps You Wake Up Your Tired Old Daily

In this modern society, where so many people are quick to toss out older goods and replace them for something newer, it’s the cost-conscience few that persevere and improve upon what they already have. Such is the case with the owner of this 2011 Tahoe.

Packing a 5.3L V8 and 4WD, it has the basic fundamentals of the latest Tahoe that’s sit-in gat the dealership right now. Difference is, apart from some slightly older tech and styling, is that it’s actually paid for. His initial plan was to trade it in for a brand new 2023 model, but Erik from ProCharger shows us how much more power you can make form your otherwise stock 2011 5.3L Tahoe with nearly 200,000 mile, with the help of a ProCharger and a Gibson catback exhaust kit.

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ProCharger Recommends Falling in Love With Your (Older) Vehicle Again

KANSAS CITY, KS – We get comments and questions all the time about high-mileage vehicles. Sometimes it is a feeling of disappointment or boredom with a car they have been driving for years. Other times it is a lack of confidence in modifying a high-mileage vehicle. We address both of these concerns in this new video content, where we take a daily-driven, 181,000 mile, 2007 5.3L Tahoe and add a Stage II P-1X ProCharger supercharger kit as an example of how to bolt on more enjoyment and exhilaration. In this case, the owner fell in love with his truck again thanks to 50% more horsepower on low boost and pump gas!Narrated in a humorous and informative manner, this video walks through the install process and dispels several myths about boosting the horsepower on an older, high-mileage vehicle. If you are willing to repost, you can view the long form (14-min) version on our ProCharger YouTube channel, and the shorter versions (5min and 90-sec) on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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  • Is 200,000k miles too much to add HP to your car or truck? (No way!)
  • Can you add big-time HP in your garage in a day, without any crazy tools or skills? (Yes)
  • Instead of spending $10,000 on sales tax, fees, title, and tags (plus 64,000 in debt) on a new truck, why not buy a supercharger and some other goodies and spice up what you have?
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