Anderson Composites Unleashes a Pair of Carbon Fiber Hoods for 2021-2022 Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco is one of the most coveted SUVs of all time; from its rugged good looks, practical utility and the availability of trail riding and mud-bogging 4-wheel drive. The Bronco, first released in 1966, would run through the 1996 model year — a full thirty years of production.

For 2021, Ford rereleased the Bronco, with heavy styling influences from the original version that ran from 1966-1976, but with all of the modern tech of today. Ever since the first ones have hit the streets, the aftermarket has taken to the truck immediately; offering performance and styling upgrades nonstop. Anderson Composites in no exception, and just today, they’ve announced not one, but two new carbon fiber hoods for the latest Ford SUV. Learn more below.

Official Release:

Carbon Fiber Bronco Hoods Available!

City of Industry, CA (August 12,2022) Anderson Composites has introduced two new carbon fiber hoods for the 2021-2022 Ford Bronco. The Type-OE and the Type-RT mount with the OE hardware in the factory locations to get the best fitment. Both hoods are made with the vacuum infusion process to get the best fabric to resin ratio. They utilize the industry standard 3k, 2×2 carbon fiber fabric for optimal strength and longevity for on and off-highway use. The structural “B” side is made of fiberglass and is bonded to the topside which is made of carbon fiber. Retail, RT: $1999.00

The Type-OE hood weighs approximately 26 lbs. compared to the factory stock hood that weighs 35 lbs. The Type-RT weighs 28-lbs. and features a raised, “Raptor-inspired” center section with aggressive styling with added vents. These functional vents assist with heat extraction from the engine compartment. The vent mesh can be removed if desired for painting purposes. Both hoods reduce weight which helps with improved fuel mileage when other aftermarket accessories are added to the vehicle. These hoods have a show-ready, high luster gloss finish on the top surfaces. Retail, OE: $1699.00


  • Less Weight
  • Imrproved Style
  • Increased Strength
  • Function Vents on RT

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