Eibach Announces Lowering Springs for the Tesla Model 3

In a growing segment for electric cars, it’s come to no surprise that the aftermarket is stepping up to offer performance products (what little they can) for Tesla’s models. Throwing their hat into the ring is Eibach, with their recent announcement of lowering springs for the Tesla Model 3.

Intend as a bolt-in kit, it now only improves handling and aesthetics, but helps eliminate that unwanted wheel gap that these cars have. Eibach is so excited about the announcement, that they sent us the product release. You can get all of the specifics below!

Official Release:


Now available for your Model 3, the Eibach Pro-Kit performance springs deliver upgraded performance and ride comfort using our progressive spring technology.

By lowering the Center of Gravity (CoG) the Pro-Kit increases steering response and improves vehicle dynamics for a sportier, more balanced feel.

Additionally, the reduction in fender gap and ground clearance can also contribute to improved efficiency of the Model 3’s aerodynamic design.

Lowering: Front – 1.2″ Rear – 1.2″


  • Lowered ride height
  • Improved corning capabilities
  • Increased aesthetics
  • Cleses fender gap
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