Holley Announces LS7 Wet Sump Conversion Dipstick Drill Jig

Official Release:


When installing a LS7 with a dry sump system into your project, you will need to modify a few items on the engine before installation of the wet sump system. The Holley dipstick drill guide is a great aid in aligning the new oil dipstick location. LS dry sump engines have the dipstick in the remote oil tank. The boss in the block that is typically used for the dipstick is not drilled. When converting to wet sump the boss must be drilled. This boss is parallel to nothing else and you only get one shot at the hole.

Holley has developed an easy guide to help locate the bit during the drilling process. Using two nearby threaded block holes, the guide creates easy alignment for a hand drill to exactly drill the hole GM would have for a wet sump application. Innovative drill chip slot allows chips to be vacuumed during the drilling process.


  • Allows easy drilling of dipstick hole in dry sump blocks when converting to wet sump applications.
  • Self-aligning and locating
  • Drill chip evacuation port
  • Machined billet steel construction
  • One-piece design

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