Introducing a Whole New Category of Rear-Axle Strength:  the Dynatrac ProFloat XD60

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Introducing a Whole New Category of Rear-Axle Strength:  the Dynatrac ProFloat XD60™


  • ProFloat XD60™ axle provides industry-leading strength with weight savings, 40-inch tire capability, ease of installation and convenience of reusing Jeep Gladiator and Wrangler aftermarket wheels
  • Dynatrac ProFloat XD60 provides the strength of a full-float axle with up to 100-pound weight savings
  • Heavier and more expensive full-float and 8-lug wheel upgrades are no longer required to handle high torque output, big tires and severe terrain that every 4×4 owner aspires to conquer
  • Customers can retain their existing 5 on 5.0 bolt-pattern wheels for JK, JL or JT, or 6 on 135mm for Ford F-150, and 6 on 5.5 for Toyota 4x4s
  • Proprietary, patent-pending axleshaft, bearing configuration and housing design will virtually eliminate flange-bending concerns
  • Patented ProRock® design provides best-in-class ground clearance
  • Dynatrac sets the benchmark for quality and durability standards in the industry by leading the way with made-in-the-USA products, rock-solid warranty and reliable, outstanding customer service

 Las Vegas – Dynatrac is once again rewriting the rulebook of axle strength and durability. With the introduction of the ProFloat XD60™ axle, customers can now have the strength of a full-float rear axle without the heavy weight and the need to change wheels. The new ProFloat XD60 is designed to virtually eliminate flange bending, even with tires up to 40 inches in diameter.

The ProFloat XD60 is up to 100 pounds lighter than comparable full-float axles. This is unsprung weight, further improving the on- and off-road driving characteristics of the vehicle.

The ProFloat XD60 is available with either 35- or 40-spline axleshafts. Optional high-pinion, reverse-cut gearing is available on request.

Because the ProFloat XD60 is not a full-float axle, customers can retain their existing wheels, reducing costs when upgrading to larger tires. This new design uses off-the-shelf, heavy-duty F-150 brake assemblies for great performance and ease of procuring replacement components. The brakes are 2007-current Jeep Wrangler (JK and JL) and 2020-current Jeep Gladiator (JT) ABS/ESP compatible.

The ProFloat XD60 includes these standard ProRock XD60® features:

  • Dynatrac-exclusive, patented ProRock® nodular-iron ProRock XD60 center section with optional bearing bores to handle oversize pinion and carrier bearings for elite housing rigidity.
  • Low-pinion, standard-cut gearing for ideal rear-axle application
  • More ground clearance than any other axle housing in its class
  • Best strength and ring-and-pinion gear support and stability
  • High-capacity carrier-bearing saddle structure
  • 7/16-inch cover bolts – cover now adds even more structure to the housing
  • O-ring cover seal and hard contact mating surfaces
  • 0-inch-diameter, variable wall thickness, lightweight, chromoly tubing has the highest strength-to-weight ratio compared to any other light-truck axle on the market
  • Dynatrac-exclusive Dual-Sump High Volume™ (DSHV) oiling system to ensure the outer pinion bearing is never without lubrication

For more than 30 years, Dynatrac has been the industry leader in high-performance axle and drivetrain assemblies. Dynatrac products are designed using the finest materials, processes and engineering available, and its products are backed by the best service and warranty in the business. From complete replacement ProRock® axle assemblies to high-quality replacement and upgrade components, Dynatrac is committed to delivering the best performance, reliability and quality possible.

For more information, contact Dynatrac at 714-596-4461 or visit

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