Corsa Combines RSC Technology and Active Valves on 2018 Mustang GT Exhaust

Corsa Performance has been making some of the best sounding and performing exhaust systems for modern muscle cars since 1998. They have been leaders in exhaust technology, like their renowned No Drone RSC technology that’s integrated in their exhaust systems. Corsa is now debuting the combination of RSC technology and active valves on their 2018 Mustang GT exhaust systems.

Corsa’s active valve technology is a perfect marriage with the Mustang GT’s valve operated exhaust system, and will maintain the Ford factory solenoids. The system offers notable changes in the volume of the exhaust note, offering more than a ten decibel increase in various driving conditions. Learn more about the Corsa systems for the 2018 Mustang GT in the official release below.

Official Release:

CORSA Performance Combines RSC® Technology with Active Valves on the 2018 Ford Mustang GT

Since 1998 Corsa Performance has been at the forefront of exhaust technology by continually innovating their coveted No Drone RSC® Technology. Now 20 years after debuting RSC® Technology CORSA Performance is incorporating valves into exhaust systems to provide consumers with the ultimate driving experience.

Exhaust systems have evolved tremendously since 1998 and now are required to do more than ever to make each vehicle sound the way each manufacturer desires. Today cars and trucks feature multiple MDS (Multiple Displacement Systems) and various driving modes; These technologies load the engine differently depending on the driving dynamic and the exhaust system has to work to produce the right exterior exhaust note and driving experience behind the wheel. Alongside the advancements in vehicle technologies, consumers have begun to expect more from their exhaust system and want the ability to go from “Quiet” to “Maximum Aggression” with the flip of a switch. CORSA Performance’s new Valve offering delivers on exactly that desire.

Finding that no ‘off-the-shelf’ valve system delivered on Corsa’s required quality and needed range of motion – Corsa spent several years developing a unique solution.

“We spent over 2 years researching valve solutions and developing our valve to ensure it would work under a range of conditions. After putting many off-the-shelf valve solutions through a range of testing, we decided we needed to build our own in order to deliver the quality we desired. After many prototypes, we chose a design and spent a significant amount of time torture testing our valve assembly. The winning valve design was subjected to intense heat cycling conditions and yielded no failures at well over half a million cycles” said Brent Noward, Marketing Manager. “The next step was to determine where to debut the valve assembly and the 2018 Mustang GT presented the perfect opportunity.”

CORSA Performance’s active valve technology meshes seamlessly into the Mustang GT’s valve operated exhaust system and maintains the factory solenoids used by Ford, to ensure flawless functionality. The system delivers with noticeable changes in exhaust volume across the various driving parameters yielding more than a 10-decibel difference in volume. What the CORSA exhaust system gives you is all the range you could ever desire in the exhaust system with the No Drone promise of RSC® Technology for the ultimate driving experience.

CORSA Performance active valve exhaust systems are available now for the 2018 Ford Mustang GT in 3.0” Axle-back and Cat-back configurations featuring twin 4.0” tips in 3 distinct tip colors: polished, gunmetal and black.
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  • Corsa Combines RSC and Active Valve Technology
  • Maintains Ford Solenoids
  • Offers Increase in Exhaust Volume
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