Ford Builds Quickest Factory Mustang Ever for the 50th Anniversary of the Cobra Jet

2018 marks 50 years of the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet. To commemorate this anniversary, Ford is planning to build a limited run of modernized Cobra Jet drag cars. Predictably, the magic number that will be built is 68, and they will be made in either red or white. Also notable is Ford’s claims that these cars will represent the quickest factory-built Ford Mustang ever.

The limited production Ford Mustang Cobra Jet is said to have the ability to cover a 1/4-mile in the eight second zone. We’re not sure if that means 8.9-seconds, or something lower, but 8.9-seconds would qualify the car as being the fastest factory Mustang. It will get the power to run these quick sprints from a blown Coyote V8 engine, but this one will be bigger than before. Ford has added 200cc to the 5.0L to make it a 5.2L instead. Another little surprise is that Ford will ditch the IRS and opt for a Ford 9” rearend and four-link suspension instead.

This Mustang Cobra Jet isn’t made just for show and the numbers aren’t just for bragging rights, this car is meant to be raced. It comes complete with a NHRA-certified rollcage and FIA-certified racing seats. So you can take this thing straight from the factory and race it in any NHRA-sanctioned events. Unfortunately, that’s about where the excitement ends since you can’t drive a 2018 Mustang Cobra Jet on the streets since it doesn’t come with a VIN and can’t be registered and tagged.

Even without the ability to be street driven, we doubt Ford will have any trouble moving these exclusive Mustangs. They have yet to announce the price tag that will come on the 68 2018 Mustang Cobra Jets, but it will likely hover around $100,000.

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