LS Swapping Your 67-72 C10 Has Never Been Easier with Holley!

LS C10

For decades, hot-rodders have been cranking out some killer builds using the ’67-72 C10 as the foundation of their canvas. From lifted trucks, to corner carvers and everything in between, these once budget-friendly pickups are now at the epicenter of LS and GEN-V LT swaps.

Holley has used their own ’67 C10 as a testbed for their LS swap line for nearly a decade already, but they’re still updating, adding and tweaking things to offer car peeps like us the latest and greatest. Just the other day, the release below slid across our desks and we just had to share with all of you.

Official Release:

LS Swapping Your 67-72 C10 Has Never Been Easier with Holley!

Holley is pleased to announce the release of new LS swap components for 1967-1972 Chevy C10 Pickups – Hooker Blackheart has released a full lineup of parts for 1967-72 C10 Pickups allowing for a bolt-in LS swap conversion! The new engine mounts will replace your existing stools and allow for use of OE 4th-gen F-body LS engine mounts.

Meanwhile, three new transmission crossmembers are available to install a variety of automatic and manual transmissions. Blackheart engineers finished this swap kit off with a selection of stainless long-tube headers and complete exhaust systems making your truck look as nice underneath as it does on top!

LS swap motor mounts

LS/LT Swap Engine Mounts for 1967-1972 Chevy C10 Pickups

Hooker BlackHeart application-specific LS/LT swap engine mounting brackets remove the installation guesswork and compatibility uncertainty that comes with using universal/adjustable swap plates. These brackets are designed for 1967-1972 GM C10 pick-ups to achieve optimized component clearances and drivetrain/U-joint operation angles when used in conjunction with 71222024HKR transmission crossmember and Hooker BlackHeart long-tube headers and dual exhaust systems co-developed for this application.

NOTE: Designed for use with Narrow Frame-rails.

Transmission Crossmembers

LS C10 transmission crossmember

This BlackHeart LS/LT engine swap transmission crossmember is for 1967-1972 GM C10 trucks. It is designed specifically for use with Hooker Blackheart engine swap brackets and exhaust components to simplify your LS/LT swap. Three models are available, providing bolt-in installation of 4L80, TH400, 4L60E, TH350, 6L80, 700R4, and T56 transmissions. They are also engineered for maximum clearance and can allow for up to 3″ exhaust without hanging below frame rails.

LS Swap Long Tube Headers

C10 LS swap long tube headers

These Hooker BlackHeart LS Swap Long Tube headers are for 1967-1972 GM C10/C20 2WD trucks. They are built with 18 gauge, 304SS and are available with 1-3/4″ or 1-7/8″ primary tubes, and 3″ collectors. The tube geometry is designed for simple installation and maximum clearance and can be installed with engine bolted in place. Designed for use with BlackHeart LS swap mounts, brackets, cross-members and exhaust systems for a complete swap system.


Dual Through-Crossmember Exhaust Systems

C10 LS exhaust system

At the heart of any performance vehicle is the exhaust system. Hooker BlackHeart’s line of performance exhaust systems continues to push the boundaries of performance and engine swaps. Check out these 304SS LS/LT engine swap exhaust systems for the popular 1967 – 1972 Chevy/GMC C10 trucks. Available in 2.5″ or 3″ H-pipe crossover systems in either dual rear or dual side exit.

  • Fits with coil spring rear suspensions only (stock or stock-type aftermarket systems).
  • Compatible with rear mounted fuel tanks.
  • Compatible with panhard/track bars that retain and use the factory left side frame bracket.
  • Dual Through-Crossmember Exhaust Systems
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