Magnuson Now Offering CARB Legal Supercharger Kits for 2018 GM Trucks

Magnuson is a brand that inspires you to think about power as soon as you hear the name. They have been making some of the best blower kits for high performance vehicles for a long time. Their latest update is that they are now able to offer CARB legal supercharger kits for your 2018 GM truck.

With the exception of the 2018 Chevy Tahoe 6.2L and Chevy Suburban 6.2L, 2018 GM truck owners can buy a supercharger kit that’s 50 state legal. This kit offer 100-120 more horsepower to the wheels. Learn more about it in the official release from Magnuson below.

Official Release:

Magnuson Kits for 2018 GM Truck Now CARB Legal

Our 2018 GM Truck kits (with exception of the 6.2L Tahoe and 6.2L Suburban) are now CARB legal so if you are in a state that falls under CARB(California), then you are now able to purchase and install our supercharger kit for your 2018 GM truck!

Horsepower increase: 100-120 RWHP gains with stock pulley (More with smaller pulleys)

Quick info:

The ability to race, tow, or get your truck out of tricky situations where power, torque, and/or speed is needed is now available for you with our Magnuson TVS Supercharger installed on your vehicle. Due to different weather, elevations, DA’s around the world, horsepower numbers could vary on different vehicles but the % gain over stock should be in the range of 25-30% increase. Our kits will come with a warranty which is explained in our Warranty section. You’ll never have to think twice before making a pass in the passing lane or climbing that hill with all of that gear on top of your rig!

Features and Benefits:

  • CARB Legal
  • 100-120 RWHP Gains
  • Comes with Warranty
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