New Subaru WRX/STI X2 Fuel Pump Module from DeatschWerks


Cranking up the horsepower of your boosted Subaru is a pleasurable experience. Quicker acceleration, more noise, improved soundtrack and on and on. But what a lot of enthusiasts overlook is the fuel system. Just because Subaru installed the fuel system that it had in your WRX or STi with the components that it did, doesn’t mean that it will be able to sustain the modifications and increased boost pressure that you have in mind for it — especially if you’re looking at doubling or tripling the horsepower.

There are options available out there for for WR owners, but DeatschWerks has it nailed iwht thier brane new X2 Fuel Pumps and Fuel System Module Kits for 2008-21 WR and STi.

Official Release:

New Subaru WRX/STI X2 Fuel Pump Module from DeatschWerks

The new DeatschWerks X2-Series Subaru Module is now available for the 2008-2021 model years, which includes accommodation for 2 pumps, integration of a return fuel line, and retention of ALL the functionality of the OE module. The DW X2-Series Subaru Module consists of a top-hat, center section, and OE lower bucket. These 3 components work together to deliver the flow you need and the OE functionality you want.

X2 Series Fuel Pump Module for 2008-2021 WRX/STI   • Module Only: PN: 9-000-7050 – $429   • Module + 2x DW300 Pumps: PN: 9-301-7050 – $659 Optional Plumbing Kits includes the line, fittings, regulator, gauge, and filter   • CPE kit: PN: 6-615 – $749   • PTFE kit: PN: 6-616 – $849
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