Recaro Displays Innovative New Off-Road Seats at King of the Hammers

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Hammertown, CA – We know that when competing in off-road racing, the driving and elements are intense. Sitting safely and perfectly protected is essential when it comes to the demands of off-road driving. At King of the Hammers 2020, RECARO Automotive Seating, the world’s leading manufacturer of performance car seats, unveiled another brand-new performance seat meeting these unique needs.

This week with Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Loren Healy’s Fun-Haver Tour display, RECARO automotive will display the company’s three newest off-road seats to enthusiasts, drivers and media. These seats include the RECARO Cross Sportster ORV (debuted at SEMA), Pro Racer SPG XL ORV (debuted at SEMA), and the Pro Racer SPG XL ORV II (new for 2020).

Vaughn Gittin Jr.

“We know the best place to get feedback from buyers is at one of the top off-road racing events in North America. Collaborating with Vaughn Gittin Jr., Loren Healy and the Fun-Haver Off-Road Team in developing, testing and racing these new seats has allowed us to be confident we are enhancing the safety and driving experience,” said James G. Koelzer, Vice President, Recaro North America.

Market data points toward the exponential growth of the off-road segment. According to the Automotive News Data Center, U.S. light-truck sales grew by 7.7 percent in 2018 – a level that general car sales have never reached. Over the course of the next five years, the ORV market in the U.S. is expected to continue its current trajectory with an estimated three percent growth across the segment.

The seats displayed at King of the Hammers 2020 by RECARO Automotive Seating highlight safety, ergonomics and comfort for both street-legal off-road cars and off-road race cars. Vaughn Gittin Jr., Formula Drift and Ultra4 champion, and co-developer Loren Healy, five-time Ultra4 champion and two-time King of the Hammers winner, were intimately involved in the design and development process.

“When I first got into racing Ultra4, I was very unimpressed with the lack of proper seating technology for this brutal sport. I quickly reached out the team at RECARO and they were very motivated to change the game,” said Vaughn Gittin Jr. “There is no question that RECARO’s effort and passion has saved me from serious injury on more than one occasion, both on and off-road. I am very excited for my fellow racers and enthusiasts to have access to that same technology thanks to RECARO’s constant innovation to keep us safe and comfortable – no matter our choice of fun from behind the wheel. I am very grateful for the entire RECARO team’s effort to get these game changing seats to market.

“It’s been an incredible journey being part of the development for the RECARO off-road vehicle seats,” said Loren Healy. “RECARO’s commitment to safety, technology and design is second to none. After more than two years of development and testing that went into the Cross Sportster ORV and the Pro Racer ORV, my mind is blown at how much safer and more comfortable these seats are for the demanding nature of off-road driving. It is about time we had a solution with this level of engineering and testing integrated.”

RECARO Cross Sportster ORV

The new RECARO Cross Sportster ORV is tailored to meet off-road vehicle needs. Its snug, supportive seat structure and side bolsters are designed for excellent shoulder and torso support. They stabilize the body against lateral forces, cocooning it like a second skin. Its highly-effective vibration damping foam and the particularly robust cover materials make it perfectly suited for a ride over hedges or ditches.

The flat seat cushion with low side bolsters also allows for easy access.  The integrated headrest, backrest adjustment and release, and the integrated sidemount for length adjustment provide RECARO-level  seating comfort and a sporty performance.


The new RECARO Pro Racer SPG XL ORV addresses off-road race car requirements. It is ergonomically designed to provide outstanding support and protection for the back and neck against all the forces of a dirt track. The specially designed head surrounding for better visibility, the friction grip surface around the shoulders, and the highly-effective energy-absorbing cushion foam is essential when pushing off-road race cars to the limit.

The seat is suitable for 4-, 5- or 6-point belts, as well as for the use of HANS systems. Its particularly robust cover materials are weather and abrasion resistant.

The new RECARO Pro Racer SPG XL ORV II takes the next step away from a trim cover application in the RECARO Pro Racer SPG XL ORV to a compression molded foam in place application that allows for easy cleanability and advance design appearance.

The RECARO Cross Sportster ORV and Pro Racer SPG XL ORV, as well as pricing information, will be available in 2020.

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