VIDEO: 69 Year-Old Danny Thompson Sets 450.909 MPH Record at Bonneville

On Sunday, August 12th, Danny Thompson, son of the late, great, Micky Thompson, was the fastest car on the salt with a 450.909 mph run. this was a record run. This was after several runs, including one that  eclipsed the 446 mph speed barrier, not only setting a record in and of itself, but to to back it up and finally put the Thompson family name in the Bonneville record book.


One of the most prestigious trophies in all of racing it the is the Hot Rod Mag trophy for the fastest car of the meet.  In the last hand full of years, the Kenny Duttweiler powered Speed Demon team has put their name on that piece of hardware more than anyone else. Today, on it’s first run, the Speed Demon blew the engine. Knowing Kenny and team, they have another bullet standing in the on deck circle and is being installed as I type this. More on this tomorrow. Day #2.

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Rick Seitz

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