Magnuson 2300 Heartbeat Now Available for 2017+ Camaro ZL1

There’s no denying the raw power and sheer potential that lays beneath the hood of a 6th-gen Camaro ZL1. The engineers at General Motors did a bang-up job on the LT4’s development, that making additional power is simple. However, there’s always room for improvement, and that’s where the good folks at Magnuson Superchargers come in.

Just recently, they’ve announced their complete TVS2300 Heartbeat supercharger upgrade for the ZL1’s LT4, and we gotta say, it’s what dreams are made of!

Official Release:

Magnuson 2300 Heartbeat Now Available for 2017+ Camaro ZL1

Exciting news!!! A Magnuson 2300 Heartbeat is now available for the 2017+ LT4 Chevy Camaro ZL1. This kit comes with everything necessary to swap your old stock R1740 supercharger with a bigger, better, more efficient, and higher horsepower capable Magnuson 2300. Here is info on the kit:

Supercharger Retail Pricing: $4995
Horsepower increase: 50-60 RWHP gains from just the swap alone with the stock pulley. The Supercharger has potential of 250-300 RWHP gains with the appropriate pulleys, fuel system, throttle body, etc.
CARB: Pending
Tuning: No tuning included
To purchase: Contact [email protected] or any of our Authorized Dealers near you who are listed on our Dealer Locator on our website
Link to kit on our website:

The reliable ability to race or daily drive with a phenomenal horsepower increase is finally available for you with our Magnuson 2300 Heartbeat Supercharger for your LT4 ZL1.  Our kits will come with a warranty which is explained in our Warranty section (Click for Warranty Info).

Future Updates:
We plan on announcing updates about the following over the next few months; thank you for your patience…
-CTS-V V3 2300s
-2650’s for GM vehicles
-Stage II Upgrades to GM Magnuson 2300 Heartbeat Superchargers
-Toyota products

For more information please email [email protected] or call us at 805-642-8833. Thank you!

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