VIDEO: Trans Am Worldwide Gives Us the Full Rundown on the 70/SS

Back in late 2022, we brought you the unveiling of the 70/SS, a recreation of the 1970 Chevelle SS from our friends at Trans Am Worldwide. If that name sounds familiar to you, it should, as Trans Am Worldwide has been at the helm of recreating modern GTOs and Trans Ams for over a decade.

Initially using the 2010-15 fifth-generation Camaro as the foundation of their creations, in more recent years, the focus has since shifted from the 5th-gen car, to the 2016-2023 Camaro. Using the latest Camaro comes with a host of new benefits; including the smaller, lighter platform and more powerful LT-series V8.

With such an awesome starting point, the sky is the limit. For Trans Am Worldwide there has been countless special editions including the Burt Reynolds Edition, the Super Duty 455, and many others.

Bringing things up to current day, and the recently announced 70/SS is a pure stunner. Your author managed to catch the car in person at SEMA 2022, and I couldn’t stop taking it in. ‘m also not one to over congratulate someone on their accomplishment, but I didn’t have enough kind words to say to Tod Warmack, TAW’s leading man and the brains behind the operation.


The 70/SS is special in a lot of ways; first, is the obvious. The lines of the classic 1970 Chevelle are timeless. Some will also say that the ’70 Chevelle SS was the absolute pinnacle of the model — particularly when paired with the iconic LS-6 454 big-block. With 450hp (gross), it would be considered the “King of the Musclecars” of the Golden Age.

Also, much like the original ’70 Super Sport, the 70/SS is available in a whole host of color combinations, engine and drivetrain options, and so on. That’s right, 450hp is the starting point with this new one, utilizing the OEM configuration of the 6.2L LT1 four in the Camaro SS. Want more? That can be done, too — from 800hp and all the way up to over 1,500hp — at the rear tires.

How’s this possible? Well, with for 800hp, it’s largely centered around the 6.2L liter LT1, with a Magnuson supercharger, and supportive upgrades, from tuning, to a RotFab intake, to a custom exhaust system and so on. If you want to go all-in, then you’re looking at a 454 cubic-inch LSX monster with twin Precision turbochargers and everything else needed to make that combination work in perfect harmony.

Plus having a top-notch team of engine builders and tuners on-hand, in-house helps as well. The same can be said about those who handle molding the 500+ unique parts that go into each of these car, not to mention, the incredible bodywork. Each and every person under that roof is passionate about what tire creating on a day-in, day-out basis.

As Tod mentions in the video above, the idea is a car that can produce massive amounts of power and torque, but still offer enough sophistication to provide real world drivability and reliability. But if you want one of those, then you better break out your checkbook, and fast, because Trans Am Worldwide will only be producing 25 of those monsters.

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