YearOne MuscleCars Announces 20-inch Diameter Mopar Rallyes for Today’s Charger and Challenger

It’s crazy to think, but modern day Chargers and Challenger have essentially been in on the market for over 15 years. There have been some changes along the way, and a lot of retro infusion by way of trim packages, trim, decals and so on. However, oddly enough, neither Dodge nor Mopar had offered a modern version of the classic Mopar Rallye wheels from the 1970s.

Enter our friends at YearOne MuscleCars. They’ve been cranking out retro muscle car wheels in larger diameter and wider sizes for over a decade. Whether you own a vintage GM, Ford or Chrysler muscle car from the ’60s or ’70s, YearOne makes 17-inch, and larger, retro wheels for your classic. However they’ve took it a step further with these brand new 20-inch rollers for your modern Charger and Challenger. They’re intended for those two models, however, after some quick research on our end, they should also work on your late-model Dodge Magnum and Chrysler 300C. All of the technical information from YearOne is below. Also, be sure to enter Code: TM22 on your next order from YearOne to save some coin!

Official Release:

YearOne Announces Brand New Mopar Rallye Wheels for 2004+ Dodge Charger, 2008+ Challenger in 20 x 9 Diameter

Part Number: MRW209SLVShips in 1-4 Weeks

(Covid Shipping Impact Statement)

* Discount Exempt

* Not Eligible For Free Shipping

20 Inch Mopar Rallye Wheels for 2004 to Current Charger and 2008 Challenger to Current. 20 X 9 cast aluminum Mopar Rallye wheel with 5-1/8″ Backspacing or +3.2mm Offset and 5x115mm bolt pattern. Silver powder coated with machined lip. Not for old cars

20″ X 9″ version of the “Mopar Rallye” wheel available originally on Dodge and Plymouth models. Accepts original style center caps.

NOTE: Factory lugnuts do not fit these wheels. On cars with 15″ 6 Piston Brakes a 1/4″ thick spacer is required.

Factory lug nuts and center cap screws will NOT work. You will need to use the following:

Use #MRG1450 lug nuts for 1970 light or 1971 dark argent caps and C5786 center cap screws. Use MCS2 center cap spacers, and C5787 center cap screws for 1972-74 acorn center caps.Use #R70S for light argent center cap set.Use #R71S for dark argent center cap set.Use #C724LHT for acorn-style center cap set.Due to the custom nature of these wheels, they are NON-RETURNABLE if tires have been mounted on them. Due to all of the varying tolerances on each car you must measure to make sure that these will fit before you order. YEARONE Price: $374.93

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