Detroit Speed FN988 Assembled Center Sections – Ford Nodular 9” Housing Utilizing 8.8” Gears

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Detroit Speed FN988 Assembled Center Sections – Ford Nodular 9” Housing Utilizing 8.8” Gears

Is it possible to have a Ford 9-inch without an annoying amount of gear whine? Of course, but at what cost? How much time and money are you going to spend chasing down the issue when you can now simply bolt an 8.8-inch center section into your 9-inch housing thanks to the engineers at DSE?

Detroit Speed now offers five different gear ratios and a complete assembly that will bolt directly into your 9-inch housing. Complete with forged alloy steel carrier bearing caps, a high-strength nodular case, safety-wired ARP hardware, a 1350 forged steel pinion yoke, and a 31-spline Eaton Truetrac differential, it’s built to handle some serious power and deliver it quietly and more efficiently than any 9-inch.


  • Patent-pending design utilizes an 8.8 gear set, which is quieter and more efficient than standard 9-inch components
  • High-strength nodular cast iron case
  • Available in the following gear ratios: 3.08, 3.27, 3.55, 3.73, and 4.10
  • Forged alloy steel carrier bearing caps
  • 31-spline Eaton Truetrac 8.8-inch differential
  • Premium ring & pinion utilizing ARP ring bolts with safety wire
  • 1350 forged steel pinion yoke and U-bolt kit
  • Threaded jack bolt holes in mounting flange ease case removal from axle housing
  • Case includes mounting holes for bolt-on accessories
  • Continous lubrication of pinion bearings provided by internal oil channels
  • Solid pinion preload spacer
  • Designed and engineered at DSE and made in USA
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