Speedmaster Introduces Chevy/GM LS3 Dual Plane 4150 Midrise Air Intake Manifold

LS-swapping your classic muscle car has never been easier, thanks to our friends in the aftermarket performance industry. But there are those among us who admire the design of an LS series engine, but prefer a more “traditional” approach to its aesthetic, as well as the way it’s fed fuel.

In this case, a carb-style intake will solve that issues; but that leaves things open for electing to install a carburetor, or a top-mounted EFI throttle body. That’s where Speedmadster comes in.

Official Release:

Speedmaster® Introduces Chevy/GM LS3 Dual Plane 4150 Midrise Air Intake Manifold

Unique design provides a cooler charge for the incoming air with less heat transferfrom the engine for additional power and torque

Rialto, CA (October 31, 2023)Speedmaster®, a leading global automotive performance brand specializing in high performance engine parts, is pleased to introduce a new Chevy/GM LS3 Dual Plane 4150 Midrise Air Intake Manifold.

Speedmaster’s MidRise Air design features the identical plenum and runner design as Speedmaster’s normal MidRise manifold, with the exception of an air gap design or open area under the plenum chamber. With this unique design, air flowing under the plenum provides a cooler charge to incoming air and less heat transfer from the engine for additional power and torque.

Product Features Include:

  • Precise casting: manufactured from high grade aluminum
  • Great power and torque: Keeping air and fuel distribution even to maximize performance and efficiency

Machine polished, the 4150 Midrise air intake manifold has a basic operating RPM range that is 1,500 – 6,500, and retails at a MSRP of $337.

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