VIDEO: 289 Ford Small Block Rebuilt to GT350 Performance

If you’re not following the Redline Rebuild series by Hagerty on YouTube, you’re missing a lot of helpful tech info and wrenching action. The team has been elbows deep in engines, transmissions, and even a complete Harley motorcycle rebuild throughout the series.  

Due to the demand of the viewers, they knew it was about time to dig into a 289 cubic inch Ford engine as it was one of the most common power plants found in classic Ford muscle cars. Hagerty’s latest Redline Rebuild took three months of wrenching in the shop and resulted in 40,000 photos to document the build. 

We’re not sure how they managed to compress all of the three months worth of work into a five minute long video, but that’s exactly what they did with this 289 rebuild/makeover. The goal was to take the engine, already in need of a refresh, and get it up to snuff from a stock engine, to act more like a GT350 worthy engine. That’s quite the mission considering what they’re building upon and how far they need to go. 

The team started off with a stock 289 Ford small block engine out of a totaled 1964 Ford Fairlane. This already puts them at a disadvantage since Carroll Shelby started with a HiPo K-code 289 that made 271 horsepower from the factory. The engine out of the Fairlane only makes a measly 195 horsepower in the best condition, so the team has a ways to go to reach 310 horsepower to be worthy to run with the GT350 performance engine. 

To get the 289 cubic inch engine that pretty big chunk of horsepower it needs, they are going with all period correct upgrades like the Cobra-inspired camshaft, Edelbrock F4B intake manifold, carburetor, headers, and mild head porting. 

With the engine on the stand, the 289 is not looking so hot inside — actually, it’s downright cruddy. After the teardown, the rebuild is a success. Now all they need is to find a vehicle to put this beefed up 289 in to test it out!

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