VIDEO: Demon Engine Time Lapse, Courtesy of Hagerty

If there’s one car we still need to get our hands on, its the 2018 Dodge Demon. Why can only be described as a Challenger Hellcat turn up to 11 12, the Demon is a 840 monstrosity that sets its sites on the drgstrip, with the bare minim of street capabilities. No longer on sale, the limited edition Mopar came with a friggen’ crate, filled with everything you needed to let you turn your dedicate street car, into a weekend warrior.

The car was reportedly good for a 9.40 in the quarter-mile from Dodge — if you use the more aggressively-tuned ECU, supplied skinnies, race fuel and dropped your tire pressure. The car will eventually live on to things of legend, but that now turns our attention back to the engine that powered it.

Generally, Timeless Muscle Magazine tends to steer away form modern muscle cars, as our primary focus is restoring modifying and maintaining the classics. However, with HEMI crate engines finally becoming a thing these days, we had to take a closer look. Incidentally, our friends at Hagerty Classics had already beat us to the punch, and just filmed a timelapse video of the Demon crate hinge coming together in their shop.

We’ve ran a few of their timelapse videos in the past, including the small-block Chevy, Ford and Pontiac engine build. But watching them assemble a brand new Demon crate engine was a step in a different direction, for sure! If you’re looking for a price, you can get them from Petty’s Garage or from Mopar directly for $14,995.00

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