VIDEO: Hagerty Stumbles Upon the Ultimate Barn Find Collection

The term “barn find” can be subjective, as it’s thrown around a little too much these days. Some guys will call their own junk, that’s been sitting for a year, a “barn find.” But in the case of this newly-released Hagerty Barn Find Hunter video, we think it fits.

With over 100 cars on site, sitting in various buildings on a private property, there’s a vast collection of ’40s and ’50s classics, vintage muscle cars, sports cars, race cars, cruisers and even “late-model” GM G-bodies and a ’90s Impala SS.

In the 37-minute video, we lay our eyes on a least one ’70 Superbird, ’69 Dodge Daytonas, an early 2nd-gen Z28 RS, a handful of ’70s Eldarados, a ’56 Lincoln Continental, various Tri-Five Chevys, ’63 Corvette, supercharged Studebakers, Chevelles and on and on.

Owned by Walter and his son, Billy Eubanks, it’s really a collection that started with one or two cars in the 1950s, and kept growing and growing at a rapid rate over the next several decades. It’s really a look at some of the most influential cars through the second half of the previous century, and if you can’t find something to like, you might want to check your pulse…

We wanted to grab screen shots of everything, or at least most, of the things in the Eubanks’ collection, but it’s nearly impossible for our time constraint. So you’ll have to enjoy the few screen grabs we have, and set aside 40 minutes to watch the entire video — it’s well worth it!

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