VIDEO: Hellcat Redeye Produces Nearly 850hp With Bolt-Ons

Florida High Performance, owned and operated by Erik Bentley,is one of the fastest-growing tuning shops in South Florida. Having established its roots in GM LS and LT engine platforms, it’s quickly expanding into he late-model Mopar market. One of their latest customers brought in this awesome 2020 Challenger Redeye for some tweaks. Already equipped with a Legmaker intake, it laid down an impressive 690hp and 670 lb-ft. of twist to the tires. Of course, more is always better in the world of hot-rodding, so Florida High Performance set to work taking it to the next level.

The Hellcat is equipped with a 2.7L supercharger from the factory, certainly on the larger side of things when it comes too OEM blowers. However, despite the size, Dodge did leave a little bit of power on the table in its efficiency. Florida High Performance enlisted Jokerz Porting to fully-port the supercharger snout and the blower case, for improved airflow, thus, creating more power and torque, and improving overall performance. Working in conjunction with the ported blower and Legmaker cold-air kit, a 3.1-inch Griptec pulley helps create additional boost which makes the car substantially more powerful.

American Racing Headers long-tube headers and catback exhaust free up everything on the opposite side of the engine. It creates additional audio from the 6.2L engine, but improves the efficiency, so again, more power is created. The engine itself has been left alone; from the short block, to the heads and even the camshaft. The results equate to 834hp 785-lb ft. to the rear tires.

As Erik explains, the only real needs for additional power from a Hellcat engine is freeing up the airflow. Sure, you can certainly take this car to well over 1,000hp to the tires once you apply a set of higher-flowing heads and a more aggressive camshaft. However, with a curb weight of 4400 pounds and with the need for it to be 100% streetable, daily-driver friendly, pump-gas friendly and it being OEM radial-equipped, there is no real need for additional power on top of what we’re seeing here for its owner. They may change in the future, but it certainly says a loot about the incredible technology that Dodge had implemented into the car in the first place.

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