VIDEO: Jay Leno Spotlights His 20212 CTS-V Coupe As a “Future Collectible”

The Cadillac CTS-V was, is, and always will be, a very important chapter to GM performance, and to the Cadillac brand itself. Originally launched as a 2004 model in a sedan-only, 6-speed only configuration, its options list of would become more flexible for its second-generation. Adding a coupe and a wagon to the available body styles, and the option for an automatic transmission, the second-genration car was arguably a huge leap forward in terms of technology, performance, and overall options.

Upping the previous generation’s impressive-for-the-era 400hp, to a very healthy 556hp with the help of an additional 12 cubic inches and a supercharger, the V2, as it’s known in CTS-V circles, would instantly become a legend right out of the factory. With such an impressive aftermarket already present, the tune-friendly and mod-friendly LSA found in the 2009-2015 CTS-V would make many hot-rodders dreams come true.

However, Jay’s personal CTS-V coupe seen here isn’t a modified example at all — in fact, it’s so stock that it still wears its original rubber at all four corner after a full decade of ownership. You might be quick to judge, and mention that Leno is “saving it for the next guy,” but you’d have to remember that Jay Leno still has a busy schedule, and has around 200 cars in his personal collection. Your author barely finds time to drive all ten cars in his stable, so I could see having cars that rarely, if ever see the pavement when there are nearly 200 cars involved.

In terms of what Leno’s personal opinion on the car is, you’ll have to tune into the actual video posted above to hear about them.

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