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Steeda has been synonymous with Ford performance for decades, offering speed parts through their online and print catalogues, as well as performance packages to transform you late-model Ford into something truly unique. Now they’re expanding to support those who protect us, utilizing their knowledge of improved performance and increased horsepower for pursuit-type law enforcement vehicles.

Hey, these every day vehicles are getting faster and faster and more difficult for the boys in blue to catch, and with the weight of all of the equipment that SSV have to tote around on the daily, it makes sense to help offset that hindrance. Steeda has teamed up with their local constabulary in the past, but their expanding their efforts for Explorer Interceptor as well. Get more details from the official release from Steeda below.

Official Release:

When You Need The Absolute Best In Protecting Others, Only The Best Will Do

Ford has always gone hand-in-hand with law enforcement vehicles. While other brands have worked with them, vehicles like the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor have become world-recognized and has cemented itself as part of American pop culture. The Mustang’s stint in the police force as the SSP cemented Ford’s seriousness about making the most capable police vehicles possible. With power, control, and durability, these police vehicles were some of the most formidable cars on the road outside of military-use vehicles.

Now, without the Crown Victoria or the SSP, the police lineup was ready for reinvigorating. The new Explorer-based Police Interceptor is an incredibly competent workhorse of a vehicle, and the Taurus-based Police Interceptor has proven itself to be quick and nimble when needed. However, with the discontinuation of the Taurus and modern cars getting faster than ever, something had to be done to ensure the police can perform their duties at the highest level. That is where Steeda comes in, with newly developed vehicles to aid in police and civil duties.

Steeda Special Service Vehicles Program

The Steeda Special Service Vehicles program is proud to debut some of our newest additions to the lineup in the form of the SSV Mustang and two different levels of the SSV Explorer Police Interceptor. These vehicles offer the latest in performance and security for law enforcement with improved handling, horsepower, and even style. With high-performance options like lightweight wheels, suspension upgrades, and engine upgrades with tunes and intakes, these vehicles have all the upgrades necessary to keep up with criminals as well as work to show the community their support for local causes.

Special Service Vehicles are designed from the ground up to perform above all else. We are a performance company, so we have ensured that these vehicles can handle, accelerate, stop, and keep up with just about any vehicle they have to pursue. From our Mustang-based vehicles to our Police Interceptor builds, we have built our vehicles to be the best on the road for any circumstances so when the need arises they can act quickly and effectively.

Steeda Special Service Vehicles Mustang

The rumble of the V8, the scream of the exhaust to redline, the sleek lines, all the parts to developing a proper Mustang. The Steeda SSV Mustang is all of those and more. Designed to be the ultimate police Mustang ever, this car uses the 10R80 gearbox and Coyote V8 fitted with many of our upgrades including our full catalog of suspension parts, cold air intake, tune, and more to handle any sharp turns, quick maneuvers, and long straights in pursuit of any criminals.

The SSV Mustang outhandles and outperforms the majority of vehicles on the road today, and when driven by a true driver it can mean the difference between someone’s capture and their escape. Designed for serious use, these cars are just as at home at a car show to allow others to see it as it is on the highway in pursuit of criminals. Our hard work to develop this vehicle has given officers the ability to have modern day SSP Mustang just as they could in the days of the Fox Body Mustang.

Steeda SSV Mustang Upgrades





Steeda SSV Explorer Interceptor

The Explorer platform is a beast of a platform to start from, with its low center of gravity, impressive versatility, good performance on and off pavement, and incredible durability. It made perfect sense to develop the platform as the next Interceptor, especially with the loss of the Taurus platform. The powerhouse that is the Police Interceptor is deserving of serious performance in handling, power, and overall respect. This is what the Steeda Interceptor is designed to handle.

Designed to build off of the Police Interceptor, the Steeda Police Interceptor builds from the already great bones of the Explorer Police Interceptor and adds higher performance to the picture. With improved suspension technology, upgraded bracing for added stability, and raised horsepower figures in some vehicles, these Interceptors are ready for everything that they may face. The Steeda-modified Police Interceptor is ready to hit the streets to keep the community safe and to look incredible while doing so.

Steeda SSV Interceptor Upgrades

    Steeda Suspension Upgrades



    Steeda Wheel & Tire Upgrades

  • Velgen VF5 (optional)
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