VIDEO: LS4 King Preps the New Monte Carlo Shop Car For Battle

We’ve been following LS4King’s progress over the last few years, from start-up newcomer to the ultimate driving force in LS4-powered machinery. What makes them so unique, is that they take GM’s often-overlooked LS-series engine and implement them into other styles of builds. Typically, older FWD W-bodies, Fieros and even the occasional kit car.

We’ve covered their previous shop car some time ago, but Brandon Furches (LS4 Founder and Owner), has recently picked up another Monte Carlo to showcase his creativity and build prowess. He’ll also be using this car for R&D purposes, to develop LS4-specific hardware, like the oil pan he created and has teamed up with MOROSO on.

Starting off in life as a factory Dale Jr. Edition, complete with the supercharged 3800 V6 engine, this Monte Carlo is taking on a persona of no other front-wheel drive W-body out there.

While its build recipe is still developing, the wheel/tire package, as well as the custom wrap will stop just about anyone in their tracks. It lends a new look and a new style to a car that most people would disregard as an old daily driver — and that’s the point!

Keep it tuned here for future installments on LS4King’s projects.

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