Video: Reviewing the 2021 Cadillac CT4-V

The CT4-V and CT5-V BlackWing models have recently put a lot of attention on Cadillac, though the car we are discussing today may not be a BlackWing it’s still a high-performance V car with signature V power. This is the CT4-V, a replacement for the ATS sedan which combines new tech with Cadillac’s infamous V-badge and everything that comes with it. Cadillac has made a name for itself in recent years, combining Cadillac luxury and style with high horsepower and performance seems to have been quite successful. So the team of engineers decided to build a fast, decently powered, great-looking sedan for someone who wants the practicality of a sedan and the performance of a Cadillac V-model at a lower price than the Blackwing.

Under the hood of the CT4-V is a turbocharged inline-four pushing out 325-horsepower and 380lb/ft of torque. While it doesn’t have the incredible 460 horsepower of the previous V-series models, Cadillac designers made it that way because Cadillac is focusing most of its high performance on the BlackWing models with the V-series being a sort of middle ground.

The engine is mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission which transfers power to the mechanical limited-slip differential. The suspension has also been upgraded with an updated magnetic ride control system and if you select the $500 AWD option you get ZFMVS passive dampers.

Most cars these days also come equipped with several different modes, with this particular car giving you the option of either V mode, Track mode, and the option to customize your mode to allow more control over your vehicle. Acceleration is quick with the 0-60 time sitting at around 4.8-seconds and a quarter-miles of just about 13.8 seconds at 106mph. Braking is handled through the use of upgraded Brembo brakes, 4-piston calipers assist a stop from 60 at 106ft. At $45,800 the CT4-V seems to be a wonderful moderate performance car for the money and is certainly an intense step in the right direction for Cadillac.

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